Mediation has become common in trying to resolve family law disputes such as property division, child custody, child support and spousal support. Since mediation is a legally recognized confidential proceeding, the parties can discuss their case openly without the fear that each position they take may be used against them later in court. Information the parties want to remain private may not have to be put on display in a public court proceeding. Urban myths and misconceptions about divorce and related legal issues can be dispelled by the mediator with both parties present. The mistrust that often occurs in dissolution cases can therefore be minimized because both parties hear and receive the same information from an experienced and neutral professional. This approach is far more productive than getting advice from an attorney who may charge ahead with expensive litigation after hearing only one side of a dispute. If the parties already have attorneys, a neutral mediator can consult with each attorney and the parties to facilitate a settlement. The mediator can prepare documents, agreements and court orders without the mistrust that one side may be trying to gain some advantage over the other. The financial cost of resolving divorce cases is frequently far less in mediation than in litigation. Mediation may achieve an early settlement and often a more satisfying result to both parties. It is far better to work out a mutually acceptable resolution to all concerned rather than having a result imposed by a judge after an expensive and stressful adversarial trial.

Vincent E. Nelson is available to represent, and provide legal advice, to individuals as they are participating in mediation. Vince can be on your side as your attorney in a mediation session to articulate your position, advise you about settlement options, and analyze proposals as they are made. He has also successfully assisted many individuals reach a fair and timely resolution of their dispute as a mediator. Contact Vince to set up an honest, neutral evaluation of your marital dissolution case or other family legal disputes. He can assist both parties in achieving a fair, efficient and final resolution to their case.

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